Who We Are

We are a unique firm, deeply experienced in all aspects of identifying and extracting value from intellectual property. We have worked with companies to help secure billions of dollars in value from their intellectual property by developing innovative monetization strategies, and counseling our clients step-by-step to enable the realization of their goals.

What We Do

We learn and understand our clients’ needs, expectations, and risk profile to help realize the highest value available for their intellectual property and the identify the optimal course of action regarding their portfolio. We develop a custom strategy through in-depth study of the client’s intellectual property and business goals and then help the client execute the strategy to realize the full potential of their portfolio.

How We Do It

We believe the best way to identify and extract value in intellectual property is to truly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the IP rights, the technology, and the market impact (either now or in the future). Using our decades of experience evaluating IP, and our constantly developing knowledge of the intellectual property marketplace, we are able to highlight the value of our clients’ IP, and position our clients to achieve their goals.


Practice Areas


Strategic IP Counseling

Our experience working closely with multinational corporations, startup organizations, and everything in-between, as both legal counselors and business managers provides a unique perspective into our clients’ options and what drives value in an intellectual property portfolio.



We have experience negotiating and closing patent and technology transfer deals with many of the largest companies on earth, and our contacts across the patent landscape are deep and strong. We leverage this experience and our contacts to complete transactions on behalf of our clients that otherwise may not get done.


Portfolio Management

We have managed intellectual property portfolios of many different sizes across many industries. With this knowledge and experience, we help our clients develop protection programs that safeguard their investment in developing new and innovative technologies in a cost-effective way that aligns with other business strategies.


Patent Valuation

The key to sophisticated and accurate patent valuation is to identify exactly what technology is covered by the patents and apply that coverage across products, services, and markets impacted by the covered technology while using informed and authority-based assumptions. We have a broad set of competencies covering law, technology, and finance that we use to provide refined and reliable valuations.


Licensing Campaigns

The most successful licensing campaigns begin with a deep understanding of the client’s needs, expectations, and risk profile in asserting their portfolio coupled with an equally deep understanding of the strength of the patents, profiles of the licensing targets, and many other factors. With all of this in mind, we thoughtfully create a customized licensing strategy for each client.

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